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Schools in Castletown, Isle of Man

Are you interested in boarding schools in Castletown? If yes you are in the right place to take a look at these schools. Castletown, once the Capital of the Isle of Man and the seat of Tynwald, the Island's parliament, still has many interesting and historic attractions. The centre of Castletown is dominated by the Castle Rushen which is a well-preserved landmark of this town. This is a very historic town which roots originate in 1090 and what is really interesting is that telephones firstly appeared in Castletown in 1901. When it comes to the most interesting places to visit, the Castle Rushen is definitely one of these places and this is a Medieval castle which towers over the Market Square in Castletown. Other interesting places are the following: the Old House of Keys, the Nautical Museum or the Museum of Witchcraft. Boarding schools in Castletown can offer a number of study courses and extra-curricular activities for their students and candidates. Boarding schools in Castletown can be considered as one of the best educational institutions in the country because of the highest education offered. Dedication of teachers and students’ eagerness to learn make these schools one of the most popular among national and international candidates. Please take a look at these selected boarding schools in Castletown which are listed below. Here we present schools on the Isle of Wight!

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