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Cambridgeshire is another English county and which was originally referred to as the County of Cambridge. Cambridgeshire county town is the city of Cambridge with its world famous University of Cambridge. This beautiful county has also a great historical background and because of this fact there are plenty historical landmarks which need to be seen while being in Cambridgeshire. Apart of the above mentioned University of Cambridge, there are also such landmarks as: the Fitzwilliam Museum, the Buckden Towers, the Wandlebury Country Park or the Old Bedford River. Moreover, boarding schools in Cambridgeshire are also institutions which need to be mentioned here. These schools are considered as one of the best schools in England because of their location and huge appreciation for international students. Candidates for boarding schools in Cambridgeshire can take advantage of the open days which are organized at schools in order to talk with teachers and other students. Such a possibility to visit boarding schools beforehand, gives an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of school life and shape an image of school community. Boarding schools in Cambridgeshire can offer only the highest level of education, supported by the broad choice of study courses and extra-curricular activities. Cambridgeshire is an East Anglian county in England which offers number of interesting and historical facilities as tourists’ attraction. Boarding schools in Cambridgeshire are listed among top 20 boarding schools in England and one of best boarding schools in Eu-rope. Boarding school is a second home for Students and this is why at boarding schools in Cambridgeshire teachers concentrate to provide support and advice for Young Adults. Co-educational boarding school is always much bigger demand for teaching staff be-cause of different needs of boys and girls. What is more, boarding schools in Cam-bridgeshire hire world-top psychologists and education advisors who will assist your Child during a difficult time of choosing future educational path.

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