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Schools in Bruton, Somerset

Are you trying to find a boarding school in Bruton, England? At first glance, this small Somerset town, situated a few miles north of the A303 trunk road, appears to have been forgotten by time. Yet down it's mediaeval bartons, along it's riverside walk and from the hill crowned by it's 15th Dovecot, visitors are surprised by a remarkable blend of the ancient and the modern. Bruton has Saxon origins and Celtic, Roman and Dark Ages sites in the surrounding heights of land. The first church was built in about 690 and the town has housed an abbey and royal mint. The Domesday Book notes a variety of farming and, today, tractors and hay wagons regularly travel the High Street. Around the town are buildings formerly used in the wool and, later, silk industries. There were major processing plants for grains, dairy and meat products, many of which now have moved on. A strong tradition of education remains, with five significant schools enjoying enviable reputations. Wool was the main industry of the town in the middle ages giving way to the silk industry in the late 18th century. Today the two main industries are farming and education. There are five schools in Bruton: King's School, founded in 1519, Bruton School for Girls, Sexey's School, a Primary School and the Meadow School for Steiner Education. Bruton has many thriving groups and societies to keep its 3000 residents fully occupied. The annual Festival of Arts, including the Packhorse Fair is a noteworthy attraction as are the Art Show, Horticultural Show and musical and theatrical productions. Many footpaths weave their way through Bruton and the surrounding countryside, including the Leyland Trail and Macmillan Way, and many walkers use Bruton as a centre. The town has several award-winning restaurants and hostelries and good bed and breakfast facilities. Moreover, boarding schools in Bruton are also those educational institutions which have been awarded by international organizations number of times. Boarding schools in Bruton are carefully run by the best professionals who are aware of the fact that the best education is a basic element of everyone’s life. Enjoy our selection of UK boarding schools in Bruton!

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