Schools in British Columbia

Do you want to study at one of the best boarding schools in Canada? Why not to take a closer look at those top boarding schools located in British Columbia? British Columbia is a province which is located on the west coast of Canada and also forms the Pacific Northwest, together with the U.S states of Oregon and Washington. The capital is Victoria and the largest city is Vancouver. The name of British Columbia was chosen by the Queen Victoria and in the 1871 it became the sixth province of Canada. Its climate gathers many tourists and local residents to make use of its outdoor recreation activities. As far as the most beautiful places are concerned, those who plan to visit British Columbia should definitely see the following places: the Glacier National Park, the Grouse Mountain, the Stanley Park or the Butchart Gardens. Boarding schools in British Columbia belong to one of gather best educational institutions in the world and are becoming more and more recognizable among international candidates and students. Those who are interested in getting the highest level of education should definitely take a closer look at boarding schools in British Columbia. Those schools can offer a lot of outdoor extra-curricular activities, making use of what the region may offer. Boarding schools in British Columbia will make your future college career not only possible, but also very promising. In order to prove this, you may take a look at graduates from boarding schools in British Columbia and find out that they are now at the best national and international colleges and universities. Take a look at our selection of boarding schools in British Columbia!


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