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Schools in Berlin

Do you want to study at top and traditional boarding schools in Germany? Are you into the special atmosphere of this country? Maybe you will decide to choose one of the best boarding schools in Berlin? This historical city gives plenty of options! Take a look for yourself! Some call it wild, colorful, and full of surprises, while others find it a little too hectic and gruff. Berlin is intriguing because it is so versatile and so multi-faceted. Differences are more extreme, conflicts more tangible, and problems larger than they are elsewhere. Yet even Berlin’s contradictions are part of its appeal. Berlin is an ideal place for a dialogue between cultures: more than 494,000 non-German citizens live here (the number of Berliners of non-German origin is of course much higher, since Berlin has led the nation for years now in naturalization numbers). They come from 186 different countries and ensure great cultural pluralism. Their decisive contribution to the city’s distinctive and cosmopolitan character is apparent not only during the annual Carnival of Cultures. The more than 102,000 Turkish Berliners form the largest group, some of whose members are third-generation Berliners. Berlin became a city of immigration earlier than other parts of Germany. Boarding schools in Berlin are ranked at top places in numerous national and international rankings, and are famous for the highest level of education which is offered. Students may be sure that the education which they will get at boarding schools in Berlin will give them a chance to apply for the best colleges and universities in the world! Boarding schools in Berlin are not only traditional institutions but also those which combine tradition and modern aspect of education. Enjoy our selection of boarding schools in Berlin!

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