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Bedfordshire is an English ceremonial county with a great historical origin. What is interesting, the traditional name given to the people living in Bedfordshire is “ Bedfordshire Bulldogs” or they are also sometimes referred to as the “Clangers”, name coming from the traditional dish. As far as the landmarks of Bedfordshire are concerned, then one must take into consideration such places as: the Bedford Castle, the Luton Museum & Art Gallery, the Someries Castle or the Chicksands Priory. These are only a few historical heritage places which distinguish this outstanding county. When it comes to boarding schools in Bedfordshire, it need to be mentioned that these institutions combine theoretical learning with its practical dimension. This is because of the fact that school authorities are aware of the fact that this is currently not only the most popular method of teaching but also the most successful one. Boarding schools in Bedfordshire, similarly to the county itself, have a long historical background and try to continue impeding of traditional values. Moreover, boarding schools in Bedfordshire are ranked really high in educational rankings and offer the highest level of education and extra-curricular activities. There is number of boarding schools which are considered as best boarding school in the world. At this point we may point out boarding schools in Bedfordshire which are getting more and more popular these days. Parents decide to choose one of boarding schools in Bedfordshire for their child, as this schools gather the best teaching staff and provide an access to modern and high technology. What is more, at such boarding school Students may benefit from interesting extra-curricular activities. These are just some of advantages of boarding schools in Bedfordshire. Additionally, such boarding school combine theoretical approach to education with a practical one.

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