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Schools in Banbury, Oxfordshire

The famous Banbury Cross is situated at a cross-roads on the broad Horsefair, is a mid-19th century replacement, erected to commemorate a royal wedding in 1858. Such a broad and interesting historical background attracts tourists and school candidadtes to visit this town. The original medieval cross was destroyed by the Puritans in the early 17th century. The well-known nursery rhyme refers to the cross - ' Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross to see a finer lady on a white horse'. What is particularly interesting, it is thought this rhyme referred to a visit by Queen Elizabeth I. Banbury is also famous for its special Banbury Cakes which are elliptical in shape and made of light pastry lined with currants and have a lemon fragrance. They have been produced for at least 300 years. When it comes to boarding schools in Banbury, these are considered as one of the most interesting options for international students. Great dedication and professionalism of teachers, distinguish these facilities out of many others. Banbury is not only a historical city with a great respect for traditional values but also a great opportunity for students of boarding schools in Banbury to feel the atmosphere of a truly English town. Please enjoy our selection of British boarding schools located in Cotswolds.

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