Schools in Baguio

Are you looking for some top boarding schools in Philippines? Do you want to study at one of boarding schools in Baguio? If yes, we can tell you that you have made a great choice and that these schools are one of the best in the world! Baguio is a tiny mountain resort town with a big reputation. Baguio is gifted with a variety of cultural, historical and scenic attractions that make it an important and interesting destination, favourited by local and foreign tourists, whole families on vacation, honeymoon couples and large convention groups. Boasting great natural beauty, chilly weather, a tourist-friendly people and extraordinary vistas, the City of Pines is the culmination of your search for the idyllic escape from the tropical heat of the Philippine lowlands. Baguio City occupies about 57 square kilometres of hilly land about 1,524 meters high in the southwestern portion of the Cordillera Central mountain range in northern Luzon in the Philippines. It is completely surrounded by the province of Benguet, which Baguio used to be a town of before being made into an independent city. It is bordered by the municipality of Tuba to the south and west, by Itogon to the east and to the north by Benguet's capital, La Trinidad. The past decade has seen a surge in the student population as Baguio schools have been mushrooming all over the city, and as same-sized "campuses" have been permitted an unhampered increase in enrolment. This massive number of transient residents has affected tourism economy somehow because it is the main cause of the congestion of the city centre, as the big schools are located there, and a rising unemployment rate. This has also led to an overpopulation of Baguio (as it was designed originally for just 30,000 residents), and taxes the city's resources. One big source of revenue for the city is the proliferation of Korean English Academies. Boarding schools in Baguio can give its student a possibility for a great career and professional success! Please, enjoy our selection of boarding schools in Baguio, Philippines.


Schools in Baguio

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