Schools in Almaty

Do you want to study at some top boarding schools in Kazakhstan? Are you interested in this country history and the possibilities which it offers? Take a look at boarding schools in Almaty because these schools will definitely meet your expectations and will make your future higher education career painted in bright colours! Almaty is the biggest city in Kazakhstan. It is situated in the centre of the Eurasian continent on the southeast of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Flora and fauna of Zailisky Alatau are impressively diverse and luxuriant. Almaty suburbs are considered to be the part of the Ile-Alatauski national park that is hosting natural reservations and wildlife sanctuaries. Most rare kinds of birds and animals that live on the protected territories are recorded in the Red Book of Kazakhstan, including a snow leopard (irbis) that is now depicted on the Almaty emblem. There is much more to see and visit in Almaty, and we should give you some examples of such: the Ascension Cathedral, the Medeo, the Almaty Zoo with many unique animal species, or The Almaty Tower which rises above the city. Boarding schools in Almaty belong to a top rank boarding schools with so many interesting educational solutions for both national and international students. They can benefit from international diplomas and certificates, as well as decide to participate in many contests. Boarding schools in Almaty can also be distinguished by the unique study program and some additional classes. Please take a look at boarding schools in Almaty!

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Schools in Almaty

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