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Welcome to Best Boarding Schools

We are educational experts and professional consultants with headquarters in London. We can offer a great selection of best UK, Switzerland, USA boarding schools - expert boarding school application for admission! We can support you in choosing and in during the whole application process to the best British, American, Swiss boarding schools. Are you interested in boarding schools in UK? American boarding schools? Swiss best private schools? Best private independent schools in the USA? Boarding schools for boys or girls? We specialise in Residential education for such a young pupils as 7 years old to 19 years old. We invite you to take a look at our selection of best boarding schools in the world, became familiar with the fact how do you want to develop your skills and talents and choose the most prestigious and elite boarding school which meets your expectations! Contact our advisors, who are always eager to help you, and make use of individual support provided by our experts, who will help you decide which boarding school is the best for you, by taking into consideration your personal talents and expectations. It does not matter how old your child is, we can provide you with a great selection of top international IB boarding schools, sixth form colleges, top independent schools, top university preparatory boarding schools, best colleges in UK, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries in the whole world. Also cheap boarding schools, Christian boarding schools and non-religious boarding schools! Boarding schools in England for international students. We will assist you in every moment of your boarding school choice! Enjoy our individual help and assistance! It is crucial for you to ask for your boarding schools brochures! Our mission is to provide you with ONE-TO-ONE assistance, and we want to emphasise that we welcome candidates from each and every corner of the world! Ask for a free boarding school trial! We await your CALL, TELEPHONE, SKYPE contact. Ask any questions you may think of!!

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It is crucial to think about your child English or other foreign language abilities before he/she will go to an international boarding school! In our great selection of schools, you will find any kind of boarding school: a boarding school for a boy, boarding school for a girl, a state boarding school or a private boarding school, an elite co-ed international school in Switzerland, a boarding school in England, a boarding school in US/America, a military boarding school, arts/music/therapeutic boarding school. We recommend you to use our boarding schools search section in order to find the best schools with the best education curriculum, which also include summer and winter boarding schools programmes. We can tell you that you are in the right place, whether you look for a professional boarding school placement! Best colleges in UK and top private IB schools in England. We can provide you with our full assistance and support throughout the whole application process to best international boarding high schools. Please make your enquiry! We want to emphasise that our help and consultancy is FREE of CHARGE to anyone who want to apply to the top boarding schools! We offer a full boarding school admission assistance, as well as testing and evaluation support. We can help you to arrange visitations at schools, and all of the necessary documents such as: visas and logistics! We can share our professional knowledge with you! Please inform us about all of the details concerning your choice and search for private British, Swiss and American schools! With YOUR top London boarding schools placement consultants on your side you can only win a great selection of best boarding schools educational opportunities! There is so many ways to contact us. You can write to us or call us right NOW in order to test our PROFESSIONAL advice and support, this will definitely be beneficial for you because you will have another perspective and opinion on what school you are looking for! We offer a great selection and hundreds of boarding schools are available. 

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We provide professional educational consultant UK assistance, as far as UK boarding school search is concerned. At Best Boarding Schools office work the best boarding school consultant who are highly qualified in the aspect of UK boarding schools review. The purpose of our UK boarding schools’ agency is to assist Parents during the whole and often difficult process of UK boarding school search. We are proud because of the fact that each year we receive number of testimonials from happy Parents and satisfied Students who received a lot of support from our UK boarding school agent. We need to point out that the work of best boarding school consultants is really demanding and usually very hard, especially during the application time. This is why our UK boarding schools’ agency provide for best boarding schools consultants special trainings and an access to the newest top boarding schools tables. It is really helpful to decide for a support of educational consultant UK, as there is number of best boarding schools UK and the choice is often difficult to make.

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